About Christine


Christine Meshew studied art in high school and college and after a 28-year hiatus began painting again. She has studied under Sharon Hines-Pinion, Deborah Stackowitz, Terry Madden, Val Persoon, and Gale Bennett. Christine has been the featured artist for the Mt. Baker Garden Tour in Seattle and received the Best of Show award during the 2005 Harvest Festival in Bend, Oregon. Her paintings have been shown at the Lakeshore Gallery in Kirkland, Kaewyn Gallery in Bothell, Main Street Gallery in Edmonds, Two Vaults Gallery in Tacoma, Gallery North in Edmonds, and she participated in the Bellevue Art Museum 2005 Art Show. Her clinic, where she practices the chiropractic, acupuncture, and massage healing arts, serves as her personal gallery as well.

Christine’s earliest childhood memories have always included a fascination at the way nature is so bountiful with colors and shapes that change constantly with the seasons. Christine feels that to express nature on paper is one of the best ways for her to use her creative talents to contribute to the world around her. Her early art training followed by her career in the healing arts has taught her a great deal about self-discovery, including that we must all fulfill our full potential and contribute to the world at the same time. Now, during middle age she has literally fallen in love all over again with the wonder of watercolors and the magic of this medium. She knows that she has made a firm commitment to never set down her brush for too long and will continue the rest of her life expressing God’s beauty on paper.